· What is SensArtifici? ·

 SensArtifici is a Creative Team of Lifestyle Photography, Specialized in Pets & Families

It is our goal to capture the very best version of yourselves. We offer personalized photographic sessions, where you can unleash your imagination together with those you care about more.

We create with you, with them, memorable moments, a unique experience, full of charm. We’ll help you give shape to your inspiration, and gift the world some of your shared complicity.

We are specialists. Each session is tailored to your needs.

We are based in Valencia, but we are flexible. We go wherever you are.

We use the latest generation of digital photographic material, to obtain studio quality outdoors. This is thanks to our mobile lighting equipment. We extract the best each location has to offer, to ensure that no two sessions will be alike.

Our team includes professionals in the artistic domain, in the fields of media, design, fashion and animal behaviour.

We have a distinctive visual style that we place at your service in four kinds of session. Whether if you just want your pet to be photographed, or you are thinking of a full photo-story including the whole family, here you will find the photographic session that best suits your personal wishes.

Dandy Rascals

· Animal Photoshoot ·


· Classic Session ·

Wild, Wild Furs

· Creative Sessions ·

Equestrian Session

· Tailor-made Elegance ·

You are amazing. And it shows in each picture. At SensArtifici, we celebrate difference; we want to seize the power of your gaze, of that daring, sweet or charming gesture that you do so well. Enter our photo gallery and let yourself be seduced for a selection of those unique moments you have gifted us.

A bird does not sing because it has an answer.

It sings because it has a song.

– Chinese Proverb



· Animal Photobook ·

Outstanding pictures of unique animals.

Do you already imagine how? Doing their coquettish pose; with their favourite toy; surprising us with their tricks; brightening our lives.

We capture the essence of your best friend in a portrait session crafted exclusively for our furry artists.

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What a terrific team you are.

You distil complicity. They know you better than yourselves; they anticipate your movements, and they are always there when you need them the most. And they ask for so little in return…

Get yourself a timeless, elegant, full-of-character photographic memory with your animals.

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· Our Classic Session ·


· Creative Sessions ·

Our most carefree, funny and original proposal.

Become what you always wanted to be, free of complexes, with you dear ones. Surprise all with your wildest, cheekiest side.

SensArtifici’s Creative Team puts everything at your service to give shape to your most audacious fantasies. Are you ready to dazzle?

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· Tailor-made Elegance ·

You are a horse breeder or a jockey; you may like to horse-ride or to race; to go trotting, at full gallop, with well-choreographed steps… but in any case, you are really passionate about horses.

It is an unconditional love, that knows no bounds.

To portrait the nobleness of this majestic animal, we offer you a session carefully crafted to match your dreams.

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Our photographic sessions are an intense experience, hard to put into words; they are full of memorable, genuine moments. Because you have that particular charm. Your spontaneity, added to the freshness and character of your animals, results in a magic combination. At SensArtifici, we witness first-hand that connection, in order to tell your story through images.

We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It’s the best deal man has ever made.

– M. Acklam

Our young team is a passionate bunch of professionals mad about photography, enthusiasts of animals, of life. It would be quite long to explain how we end up working together, but really easy to understand what bonds us. And that is because we simply love to share with you everything that make us vibrate.

Pablo Monteagudo
Pablo MonteagudoDirector of Photography
Dora García
Dora GarcíaAnimal Trainer
Helena Estela Baeza
Helena Estela BaezaBody Painting
Rocío Sierra
Rocío SierraDesign & Photography

 We are willing to tell your story.

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