Be the person your dog thinks you are!

– J.W. Stephens


You have always wanted to have a timeless memory with your nearest and dearest, the kind of picture that you never get tired of seeing, and that will never go out of style. A simple, classic and elegant portrait. Simply natural.

The emphasis in our Timeless sessions is on capturing your character, the complicity between you and your pet, and what defines and unites you.

It is the careful work of light, the environment, the clothes you feel most comfortable in, and, in short, everything that will make these photographs the reflection of your personality. An eternal moment, your most authentic self.

What does it include?

Classic portrait session for families and pets.
It is made in:Two parts; a preparatory animal photoshoot, followed by the main session.
It takes place at:Exteriors / interiors, or a combination of both.
You will obtain:Los mejores disparos de la sesión (hasta 100), retocados profesionalmente de encuadre, luz y color, en una galería online privada. De ahí seleccionaréis vuestras 20 fotografías favoritas para edición avanzada.
Prints:A elegir entre 20 impresiones de 13x18cm, ó 10 impresiones de 20x30cm, en papel perlado lustre de 300g de alta calidad.
Delivery:Pendrive con las 20 mejores fotografías en alta resolución, en color, B&N & Sepia, retocadas profesionalmente; así como los mejores disparos de la sesión (hasta 100) en color, optimizados para uso web y en redes sociales (Facebook, WhatsApp...) Todas las fotografías se entregan sin marcas de agua.
Includes:Travel expenses within the province of Valencia.
Price:From 295€ (province of Valencia). VAT included.

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